Thursday Takeaway Curry night- every Thursday

Korma – Cooked with coconut, fresh cream to form a mild, sweet and creamy flavoured dish. (Mild)

Madras – Garlic, exotic ground spices and a touch of lemon juice combined to form a dish of medium consistency. (Hot)

Jalfrezi – Preparation of onions, green & red peppers, green chillies, garlic, ginger & fresh coriander to create a hot yet classic dish.

(Very hot)

Tikka – Mild spices, coconut, almonds and fresh cream to form a rich creamy sauce.


Vegetarian    £5.75   Caribbean fruity curry  £5.75

Chicken         £5.75   Sweet potato, chickpea spinach curry    £5.75

Prawns         £6.00    Poppadum (2) with onions and chutney £1.50

Lamb             £6.00    Chapattis       £1.50

Pilau rice      £2.00    Basmati rice £2.00

Naan bread £1.25


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