Tapas Meson for 2 people sharing.

Vegetarian 6 dishes £13pp

 Meat & Fish 6 dishes £15pp

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Mozzarella Bambinis(V)

Tomatoes mozzarella balls covered with a basil leaf with lime & mint sauce.

Deep Fried Brie(V)

Served with a red current sauce.

Dolmades Horis Kreas(V)

Stuffed vine leaves with rice & herbs drizzled with olive oil.

Blue Funghi(V)

Mushrooms, pan fried with olive oil, garlic & blue cheese.

Halloumi cheese

with a spicy tomato sauce

Ensalada De Aguagate(V)

Crispy avocado salad

Valencia Paella

Classic Spanish Paella with saffron rice infused with peppers, tomatoes, onion, pork, king prawns& chicken.

Vegan paella

Saffron rice with herbs, croquettes, peppers, onions, broccoli & sweet potato

Spanish Spinach Croquettes

Served with a side salad

Spicy Chorizo Bravas

Fried potatoes, chorizo sausage with spicy & garlic sauce


Traditional Spanish beef & pork meatballs, served in a tomato wine sauce

Carne De Cerdo Del Vientre

Slow cooked belly pork meatballs served with a red wine redcurrant sauce

Pollo Al Lemon

Chicken breast cooked in olive oil, garlic, covered with a lemon sauce

Gambas Filo

Filo wrapped king prawns, served with salad & aioli

Calamari Fritas

Crispy squid dipped in corn flour, sprinkled with sea salt served with aioli and side salad


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