Gucamole (v) (ve)

freshly prepared avacado dip served with tortilla chips & pineapple salsa


Chilli Cheese (v)

breaded jalapenos, filled with cream cheese, served with a pomegranate & watermelon salsa


Nachos (v)

tortilla chips with a layer of melted cheese refried beans & sliced jalapeno peppers, topped with gucamole, tomato salsa & sour cream


Roasted Potato with Chorizo

served with a spicy salsa guajillo


Antojito Mexican Tapas

Each tacos & tostada served with three 15cm tacos

Chicken Tinga

shredded chicken in tomato sauce, with chipotle chilli, sliced onion & a blend of spice


Cochinita Pibil

a traditional Mexican dish slow roasted pork marinted & braised in achihote paste, orange juice



slowly cooked beef marinated in beer, onion & garlic with a selection of Mexican spices


Shrimp Tastada

shrimps in a mild chilli sauce, spring onion tomato, melted cheese & fresh coriander


Crab Tacos

crab meat, chipote mayo, cherry tomatoes, lettuce & red onion salad


Nopales Tacos (v) (ve)

tender cactus leaf, served on a bed of letuce, tomato, onion, jalapen & peppers (add cheese £1.50 extra)


Mexican beans & Avacado (v) (ve)

fresh avadcado, black beans, topped with salad & fresh cilantro


Crispy Mushroom Tostada (v)

crispy taco filled with spinach, mushroom, caramelised onion & melted cheese


Platos Fuertes - Main Course

Burritos: Large flour tortilla (30cm) stuffed with the filling of your choice. Pair with a delicious side dish to create a filling meal

Grilled Steak Burritos

Tender strips of grilled strak marinated in Mexican herbs & spices, topped with melted cheese & caramelised onion served with chipotle sauce


Spicy Fish Burritos

fish pieces marinated in Mexican herbs & spices served with tomato salsa & salad


Roasted Vegetable Burritos (v) (ve)

roasted vegetables, refried beans, mexican rice & avacado with herbs & mild spices


Beef Chilli Con-Carne

prime chunks of beef, served with Mexican rice, sweet potato chips, topped with fresh cilantro & crema Mexicana


Fish Chilli Con-Carne

succulent fish pieces served with Mexican rice, sweet potato chips, topped with fresh cilantro & crema Mexicana


Roasted Vegetable Con-Carne (v) (ve)

roasted vegetables & mixed beans, served with Mexican rice, sweet potato chips with fresh cilantro



Mexican Rice (v) (ve)

cooked in a tomtato broth, with mixed vegetables topped with coriander & avacado


Ensalada De Granada (v) (ve)

(pomegranate, watermelon salsa) with pomegranate, watermelon, peppers, red oinion, cucumber, cilantro & lime juice


Pineapple Pico De Gallo (v) (ve)

fresh pineapple, chopped tomato, red onion, grapes, fresh coriander & fresh lime


Ensalada Mixta (v) (ve)

H&D house salad


Sweet Potato Chips (v) (ve)


Homemade Potato Chips (v) (ve)


Refried Beans (v) (ve)


Orden De Tortillas (extra tortillas)


Roasted Vegetables (v) (ve)


Avacado Salad (v) (ve)


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