Chinese Menu


Prawn crackers 3.25                 Vegetable spring rolls 4.25                       Crispy seaweed 4.25

Peking hot & sour soup 4.95      fried chicken wings in chili sauce 4.75       Vegetable samosa 4.25

Dumplings All £4.50                  Fried chicken thighs in Peking sauce 4.75   Mixed vegetables 3.50

Chive & mushrooms                  fried chicken thighs in sweet & sour sauce 4.75

Mushroom & bamboo shoots    Aromatic crispy duck with pancakes & spring onion 7.95

Chives & tofu                            cucumber & hoisin sauce

Vegetable                                 Salt & pepper chips 2.95                          sweet & sour sauce 2.25

Beef & onion                            chips 2.50                                             curry sauce 2.25

Seafood & chives                      onion rings 2.50                                                BBQ sauce2.25

Beef Dishes - all 7.95

Crispy shredded beef in sweet chilli sauce

Shredded beef in sweet & sour sauce

Crispy shredded beef in hot chili sauce

Crispy shredded beef in Peking sauce

Beef in Black bean sauce

Beef in oyster sauce

Beef with mixed vegetables

Beef with beansprouts & water chestnuts

Chicken Dishes - All 7.50

Crispy shredded chicken in sweet & sour sauce

Crispy chicken in Peking sauce

Crispy chicken in sweet chilli sauce

Chicken in lemon sauce

Chicken in Black bean sauce

Chicken with mixed vegetables

Chicken in oyster sauce

Chicken with cashew mushrooms & broccoli

King Prawn Dishes - All 7.95 

King prawn in Black bean sauce

King prawn in sweet & sour sauce

King prawn in lemon sauce

King prawn in beansprouts chestnuts pineapple

King prawn in Peking sauce

King Prawn in sweet chili sauce

King Prawn with mixed vegetables

King prawn with cashew mushroom & broccoli

King prawn in sweet plum sauce

Vegetable Dishes - All 7.00

Sweet & sour vegetables

sweet chilli vegetables

Vegetables in Peking sauce

Vegetables in Black bean sauce

Vegetables in lemon sauce

Vegetables in oyster sauce

Vegetables in curry sauce

H&D’s House salad

H&D Asian salad


Basmati rice 3.00                                              Fried soft noodles 3.00

Egg fried rice 4.00                                             Vegetarian chow mein 7.00

Vegetarian fried rice3.50                                   King prawn chow mein 7.50

Beef fried rice 6.50                                            Beef chow mein 7.50

Chicken fried rice 6.00                                       Chicken chow mein 7.50

King prawn fried rice 7.95                                  Singapore chow mein vermicelli 7.50

House fried rice with prawn                               House chow mein 7.95

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