Thai nights are;

Friday 29th April 6-10.30pm
Saturday 30th April 6-10.30pm



H&D‘s mixed combi – starters for two people sharing:
Chicken satay, spring rolls, prawns in filo, sweet potato chips and Thai ribs                                                                     £11.95

Vegetarian Spring rolls (Po Pia Tod)              £3.95

Mantod Fried sweet potato chips coated in coconut milk and sesame seeds                                                                         £2.95

Chicken Satay- Marinated chicken skewers served with a peanut sauce                                                                          £4.95

Moo Ping – Skewered marinated Thai style pork, served with a fish sauce, including chilli, lemon juice and soya sauce                                 £4.95                          

Thai ribs –Marinated Thai style spare ribs       £5.50

Goong Hom Pha- Deep fried marinated prawns wrapped in filo pastry served with a side salad and sweet chilli sauce                               £4.95

Tempura King Prawns- Crispy tempura battered King prawns served with sweet chilli sauce                                                                           £5.25 

Thai fishcakes – Authentic Thai fishcakes, made with cod and prawn served with a side salad and plum sauce                                          £4.95 


Thai green curry (Hot)
Thai yellow curry (mild)
Choose from: Fillet of beef     £6.95
King prawn       £6.50
Chicken              £6.25
Vegetarian        £5.75

Massaman curry (medium) – Chicken curry with coconut milk, potatoes and nuts. £6.75
Chicken with black bean sauce      £6.25
Fillet of beef with Black bean sauce     £6.75
Sweet and sour pork/chicken     £6.25
Beef with asparagus and oyster sauce   £6.75 

Vegetarian spring rolls                           £3.95
Fried sweet potato- sweet potato in coconut milk     £3.95
Bamboo shoot salad- bamboo, shallots, served with Chinese cabbage           £3.95
Papaya salad – papaya, fresh chilli, roasted honey carrots, lemon juice, soy sauce, served with Chinese cabbage                          £4.55
Black fungus mushrooms- Black fungus mushroom, cucumber, celery, carrots, spring onions with chilli, garlic and lemon juice sauce                   £3.95
Plantain stuffed with spinach- Fried plantain stuffed with spinach                                   £4.50                

Teriyaki salmon kebab –  salmon marinated in teriyaki sauce, honey, garlic and ginger, served with a side salad.                                          £6.75
Hot and sour crispy squid and lime salad- fried squid, basil, Kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, roasted peanuts and fresh chillies                  £6.50
Fried fish with chillies and Tamarind sauce                £6.75
Egg noodles with squid- pan fried with cabbage, soy sauce, spring onion, red chillies and roasted peanuts                                                                  £5.50
Crispy fish with mango sauce                                     £6.75
Chilli salmon salad                                                          £6.50 

Pak Satay- thai style marinated vegetables served with a peanut sauce and a cucumber relish  £4.75
Som Tam- green papaya salad   £4.75
Pad sam Sahai- stir fried asparagus, mushrooms, mangetout and baby sweetcorn in an oyster sauce   £4.75


Basmati rice                                                                 £2.95
Egg fried rice                                                                £3.25
Jasmine rice                                                                 £3.25
Vegetarian fried rice – pineapple, mange tout, green beans, carrots, sweet red pepper and spring onions                                                              £3.75
Pad Thai- noodles                                                    £3.50
Fresh vegetable pickle –Fresh red and green chillies served with cucumber, shallots and sliced carrots                                                             £2.95   


Coconut ice cream                               £2.50

Thai fruit salad                                       £3.50

Tart de citron                                         £3.50

A Selection of homemade cakes      £3.50