Welcome to H&D’S Greek evening! We have designed a menu so customers can sample a wide range of Greek food and have put together a selection of dishes which we hope you enjoy and have a very enjoyable evening.
There is a selection of drinks and desserts to go with your meal, if you have any room left


Tzatziki (V)                                                                         £3.25
Greek style dip with Greek yogurt cucumber and garlic  

Taramosalata (V)                                                           £3.25
Blended fish roe with olive oil, fresh lemon juice 

Houmous (V)                                                                    £3.25
Blended chick peas, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic and spicy herb 

Tirokafteri (V)                                                                  £3.25
Greek style spicy cheese dip with fetta and ricotta cheese 

Melitzanosalata (V)                                                     £3.25
Greek eggplant dip 

All served with warm pitta bread

Cold Starters

Greek Kalamata olives (V)                                        £3.25

 Piperia Kokini (V)                                                        £3.95
Stuffed red peppers with feta cheese 

Dolmades (V)                                                                £4.50
Stuffed vine leaves 

Feta cheese & tomatoes (V)
drizzled in olive oil & oregano                                 £3.50 

Hot Tapas starters

Have as a starter, have several to share or combine with rice, vegetables or roasted potatoes to make a main meal. 

Melitzana (V)                                                                £4.25
Grilled aubergine wrapped around feta cheese, topped with tomato sauce 

Manitaria Skopdata (V)                                             £3.75
Pan fried mushrooms with butter, garlic and herbs

Kalamarakia Tiganita                                                  £4.50
Squid rings with chilli, served with tomato & garlic sauce 

Garithes                                                                        £4.95
King prawns in filo pastry, served with a side salad 

Blue Funghi (V)                                                               £4.50
Mushrooms pan fried with olive oil, garlic and blue cheese cream sauce

 Imam Bayildi (V)                                                            £4.25
Aubergines with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs topped with cheese 

Halloumi cheese (V)                                                    £3.95
Deep fried cubes of the famous Cypriot cheese 

Keftedes Me Saltsa                                                      £4.95
Meatballs served with a spicy tomato sauce 

Gigades (V)                                                                        £4.25
Butter beans cooked in tomato sauce & herbs in the oven 

Gigades Chorizo                                                  £4.95
Oven cooked butter beans with herbs and chorizo

Spanakorizo                                                    £3.25
Spinach, rice, tomato, herbs & feta cheese

Fasolakia (V)                                                         £3.25
Greek green beans with potato, onion & tomato

Revithia Me Spanaki (V)                                           £3.95
Greek chickpeas with spinach

Gardies Chilli                                                       £5.50
King prawn cooked with onion, chilli, garlic & paprika

Bamies                                                                  £3.75
Greek style okra with tomato sauce (V)                  

Main courses

Lamb moussaka                                                          £7.95
A joy to behold with spiced lamb mingling with aubergine, potato and a delicious creamy sauce

Vegetarian moussaka (V)                                                   £6.95
As above but meat free, with courgettes and peppers

Chicken Athena                                                           £7.95
Chicken cooked in mushrooms with white wine creamy sauce. Served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and roast potatoes 

Chicken Olympos                                                               £7.95
Chicken cooked in spicy chilli sauce, served with roasted potatoes & Mediterranean vegetables.  

Moshari Kokkinisto                                                   £7.95
Prime beef chunks cooked in red wine, tomato sauce, onion, garlic & herbs.

Keftedes Me Saltsa                                                    £7.50
Our speciality meatballs with spicy tomato sauce, served with Greek potatoes & rice

Garides Saganaki                                                                £7.95
King prawns with feta cheese, spicy tomato sauce served with Greek potatoes & rice 

Solomos                                                                                £7.95
Salmon marinated with oregano, mint, garlic, lemon juice & olive oil served with Greek roast potatoes and a slide salad


Salata Afrodita                                            £5.00
Avocado with haloumi cheese, cucumber, celery onion and mixed herbs 

Salata Feta                                                    £4.50
Mixed salad with Greek Feta cheese 

Horiatiki                                                                £4.00
Village style Greek salad with feta cheese and olives


Basmati rice                                                 £2.50
Greek style couscous                                £2.00
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables     £2.75
Roasted Greek potatoes                           £2.75
Lahansalata: carrot, cabbage, onion, oregano & peppers                                                             £2.95
Pitta bread                                                   £0.50
Authentic Greek pitta bread                   £1.00