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Rice and peas                                                         £3.75
Originated in Jamaica. Gunga beans are the primary ingredient in this popular Caribbean dish.

Okra fried rice                                                        £4.25
Okra was introduced to the Caribbean and originates from West Africa. This dish was very popular for the workforces on the sugar plantation.

Plantain and sweet potato chips                       £2.95
Salty yet sweet, fried, crispy chips.

Spicy vegetable chow mein                                 £4.50
H&D’s welcomes you to this popular Guyanese dish. Egg noodles, green beans, peppers, onion, garlic, five-spice and soy sauce, topped with shredded omelette.

Aubergine stuffed with sweet potato               £4.75
Slices of aubergine rolled around a sweet potato and cheese filling. A traditional Caribbean supper dish.

Plantain stuffed with callaloo                             £4.75
This delectable way of serving plantain is favourable throughout the Caribbean, served with salad and a lime, coriander and garlic mayo.

Spicy potato salad                                                 £3.95
A delectable Caribbean dish, very popular in Barbados. With celery, peppers, spring onion, chillies, garlic, chives, basil, cream and mayo.

Fried dumplings                                                     £2.95
Slightly sweet, these are served with almost all dishes on the Caribbean Islands.


Oxtail and butter beans                                         £6.25
A traditional Caribbean stew, especially in Antigua or Guadeloupe. A favourite dish full of rich goodness.

Caribbean mutton curry                                         £5.95
This Jamaican dish is generally known as curried goat although lamb or mutton is likely to be used to make it.

Jerk chicken                                                              £4.95
Chicken marinated with herbs and spices. The most famous dish that comes from the Caribbean Islands.

Thyme & Lime chicken                                           £4.95
This speciality dish of the Cayman islands is chicken cooked slowly on the bone, infused with the juice of fresh lime, garlic and thyme.


Caribbean fruity curry                                            £5.50
This dish derives from the islands of St Vincent and Grenada. It contains plantain, pineapple, potato, broccoli, bok choy and lentils.

Aubergine stuffed with sweet potato                  £4.75
(see above on accompaniment menu)

Spicy potato salad                                                  £3.95
(see above on accompaniment menu)

Plantain stuffed with callaloo                            £4.75

Peppery bean salad                                              £4.75
This dish is very popular in Martinique and Dominica. A mixture of beans served with radishes, peppers, and spring onion topped with a tasty Caribbean dressing

Salads                                       all £6.75
Roasted butternut & goats cheese salad – Roasted butternut squash, goats cheese, rocket, baby gem, tomatoes, carrot, peppers, cucumber, red onion, raisins and fresh watermelon.

Chicken festival salad – Jerk chicken, plantain, rocket, baby gem, tomatoes, carrot, peppers, cucumber, red onions, raisins and fresh watermelon.

Salmon salad – Sticky jerk salmon fillet, rocket, baby gem, tomatoes, carrot, peppers, cucumber, red onions, raisins and fresh watermelon.


Sticky jerk salmon                                                   £5.95
Spicy Jamaican honey glaze on a salmon fillet, served on a mango slaw.

Salmon, mango and ginger sauce                        £5.95
Very popular Caribbean dish especially on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Coconut king prawns                                             £5.25
This is a speciality dish from St Lucia. The prawns are marinated in coconut and breadcrumbs and cooked in olive oil. Served with honey and chilli sauce and a wedge of lime.

Creole fish stew                                                      £5.75
Combining classic Creole seasonings and a fragrant roux, this stew delivers the flavours of this famous jambalaya, originating in Puerto Rico. A favourite dish on all Caribbean islands.

Jamaican Fried Bait                                                £4.50
Lightly spiced and crisp whitebait with mango slaw and a fresh lime and coriander garlic mayo.

Chilli fried squid                                                       £4.50
Spice-coated, crisp squid fried and served with mango slaw and a fresh lime and coriander garlic mayo.

Sweet tings
Rum and coconut treacle tart       £3.50
A delightful Caribbean dessert, with a kick.

Fruits of the tropic salad                                      £3.50
A classic Caribbean fruit salad with pineapple, guava, banana and mango.

Jamaican ginger cake                                          £3.50
A famous Caribbean dessert enjoyed all over the world.

–        All served with coconut ice cream or rum cream.

 Caribbean coconut ice cream                             £2.50